Aqualung i770R Dive Computer


The most tech-savvy diver will appreciate the i770R’s cutting-edge ultra-bright TFT color screen and its wireless Bluetooth connectivity packaged into a robust, functional, and compact design. Monitor all your information with the easy-to-use interface and intuitive 3-button navigation. Wirelessly manage your dive data and settings on your smartphone via the computer’s Bluetooth connectivity. After your dive share your memories, stats, photos, and dive site on social media all through the free DiverLog+ app.

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Stay Connected  After your dive, Bluetooth connectivity lets you share your stats, location, memories, and photos on social media via the free DiverLog+ app on your smartphone (for iOS and Android)

Ultra-bright Color Screen Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color screen with easy-to-use interface for perfect clarity under any conditions

3-axis Full-tilt Compass Easy-to-read compass graphics with a compass-bearing lock and reciprocal heading for easy navigation. An alternate compass bar can be displayed on the primary dive screen with the touch of a button

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Long-lasting, easily rechargeable battery

Always Stay Accurate Our hoseless air integration and Gas Time Remaining algorithm provide calculations in real time for accurate gas measurement

One-Time Transmitter Pairing Pair your transmitter once, and it’s paired for life

Versatile Air Capability Compatible with four different transmitters and gas mixes on a single dive

Four Operating Modes Dive how you like with Air, Nitrox, Gauge dive modes, plus Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow switching between dive modes and free dive)

Digital Compass Includes north reference, return bearing lock, and declination adjustment

Memory Maintains settings and calculations during battery changes

Intuitive Navigation Single-button access to last dive data (maximum depth and bottom time)

Well Lit Easy reading in low light conditions

Increased Safety Audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light

4 Gas Computer Able to switch up to three gases underwater

Updatable software User-updatable software gives you long-term access to the latest features and upgrades via Bluetooth connection

Water Activation Water activation feature gives you a worry-free start to your dive

Rugged Finish Extremely durable and resistant to abrasion

Advanced Watch Functions Alternate time zone, stopwatch, lap timer daily alarm, countdown timer

History Mode History Mode lets you see your total dives, maximum depth, total dive hours, and lowest temperature. Records up to 24 dives

Nitrox Mix Capability Up to 100% O2. Mix up to 3 Nitrox gases

Deep Stop Optional deep stop with countdown timer

Go Anywhere Salt or freshwater dive selection

Altitude Adjustment Automatic altitude adjustment ensures an accurate profile

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Max Depth (Dive and Free Mode) 100m/330 ft
Max FO2 setting 21% to 100%
Multiple Gas yes
Max PO2 1.1 to 1.6
Audible alarm yes
Gauge Mode yes
Freedive yes
Safety Stop yes
Deep Stop user set ON/OFF
Logbook yes
History mode yes
Reset feature no
Download yes
Number of buttons 3
Fresh / Salt water select yes
Temperature yes
Algorithm Z+
Conservative factor Adj yes
Activation (wet or button) yes
Mounting option no
ALT adjustable auto adj.
Ascent rate indicator yes
Plan mode yes
Calendar yes
Batt power indicator yes
Display TFT
Compass yes
Shortcut screen yes
Preview Screen yes
Air integration yes
Bluetooth yes
Data Retention yes
Set Audible ON/OFF yes
Set Deep Stop On/Off yes
Set Depth Alarm yes
Set EDT alarm yes
set N2BG alarm yes
Set DTR alarm yes
Set Safety stop Depth/Time yes
Safety Stop Timer yes
Set WET ON/OFF yes
Set Units yes
Set Backlight duration yes
Set Max PO2 alarm yes
Rechargeable Battery yes
Transmitter 4