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Duralac is indispensable for the sealing of joints between dissimilar metals of all types, including magnesium and its alloys. Consideration should also be given to galvanic corrosion of the same metal where the electrolyte varies in concentration forming a concentration cell. Duralac has excellent protection properties for metals in contact with wood, synthetic resin composition, leather, rubber, fabrics etc. When components of a structure are of different materials, it is essential the ‘points or faces’ of contact be treated with Duralac to inhibit corrosion in the presence of an electrolyte where considerable differences in potential arise. Components of the same metal in contact with one another under different stresses will also benefit from the use of Duralac to inhibit corrosion.

For example Duralac may be used:
•Between aluminium alloy plates, extrusions and bolts or rivets used in building applications.
•In general engineering applications where dissimilar contact cannot be avoided.
•In vehicle building where aluminium alloy contacts steel.
•For marine application where corrosion is accelerated by brine concentration.
•In close proximity to the sea where a salt laden atmosphere will meet with structures and set up electrolytic cells.
•In aerospace where rivets/bolts are secured into aluminium plates.

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